Join the BCIT Foundation for

    Designer Bag Bingo!

  • Designer Bag Bingo
    We're planning our next fundraiser for
    Thursday, March 15, 2018
    at BCIT's Westampton campus 
    Psst ... We're also planning to host an event at Medford campus on Thursday, May 10!
    Our events have a history of selling out, and it's no wonder! Game prizes are authentic, full-size merchandise from Coach, Kors and Spade. Our 50-50 pots typically award more than $600. And we give away Coach door prizes between every game!
    Stay tuned for the details. Better yet: Join our mailing list so you'll get early notice when seats are on sale! Sign up by sending an email to rjanowicz@burlcoschools.org, or by calling (609) 267-4226, ext. 8335.
    BCIT Foundation's Designer Bag Bingo fundraisers help meet our mission to support the school with education-based technology and post-secondary scholarships.